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Processor Parts

Processor Parts Human Blade Processor Parts Pet Blade

Processor Blades (All manufacturers)

These are Heavy Duty Processor blades as defined by the additional metal tab on the leading edge. The swivel, laser cut, heavy duty design will last longer than the blades that your processor originally came with. These blades come with the keystock lock pin and the set screw.

Pet Processor Blades (All manufacturers)

Processing of cremated pet remains requires by nature, that the processing blades ride lower to the bottom of the drum to produce acceptable results. This single piece blade comes with the keystock lock pin as well as the set screw.

Processor Bearings / Bushing (All manufacturers)

It is recommended that when you replace your processor blades, you also replace the processor bearing and bushing. Timely replacement of your bearings and bushing will prevent wear on the processor's Center Shaft. While you have the processor drum disassembled to replace your blades, you should replace the bearings and the bushing as well.

Processor Drums (All manufacturers)

Processor Parts Drum Processor Parts Drum Inside


Product Price
Processor Drum $995
Heavy Duty Processor Blades $190
Heavy Duty Pet Processor Blades $190
Processor Bearing $53
Bushing $11

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