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Lift Table

Introduction by American Crematory Equipment CEO, Mike Burwell

Mike discusses maintenance, basic operation and shows a side by side comparison of the Standard and Heavy Duty Battery Powered Hydraulic Lift Tables.

Lift Table Lift Table 2

The American table is designed for use in loading crematories, funeral coaches, vans or coolers. It offers ease of use, maneuverability, and durability. There are no pedals or pumps to operate. A narrow frame and large casters permit its use in tight spaces. The platform has five rollers and a locking mechanism to keep the load stationary.


Lift Table Comparison Sheet

Lift Table Product Page

Lift Table with Auto Charger Product Page


Price Product Name Lift Range Price
LTB01 Lift Table, Battery Powered 22” - 71”, 500lb capacity $6,999
LTB01S Lift Table, Battery Powered w/scale 24” - 72”, 500lb capacity $8,599
LTB02 Lift Table, Battery Powered 21” - 74”, 1000lb capacity $8,999
LTB02S Lift Table, Battery Powered w/scale 21” - 74”, 1000lb capacity $10,299
AC-1 Auto Charger Please Call Please Call
AC-2 Auto Loader Please Call Please Call

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