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Reliable Cremation Supplies

About Us

We are a family owned, small business with low overhead, supplying the highest quality Cremation Supplies at industry low prices.

Cremation Equipment Service and Repair: We are partnered with a national manufacturer and have several teams of technicians throughout the United States.


Cremation ID Discs Cremation ID Discs
Lift Table Lift Table
Ventless Processing Station Ventless Processing Station
Temporary Cremation Containers Temporary Containers
Cremation Rollers Cremation Rollers
Cremation Pan Cremation Pan
Processor Parts Processor Parts
Thermocouples Thermocouples
Temperature Charts and Pens Temperature Charts and Pens
Block Brush Refills Block Brush Refills
Block Brush Block Brush
Hand Magnet Hand Magnet
Rake Heads Rake Heads
Strip Brush Strip Brush